Kings Academy | Grade R & Aftercare

We at Kings Academy believe that every child has the capacity to learn and only with the assistance of a good foundation, can every child truly reach their potential. We provide a foundation geared around the idea that children need a safe, nurturing, healthy environment that will stimulate and encourage positive growth and development. To fully succeed in aiding in a child’s successful development, both the school and home must work together to build a strong and healthy relationship, to agree on what is best for the child.

Our Staff and Teachers

Staff and teachers not only teach, but model as well, positive character traits such as caring, confidence, cooperation, kindness, honest , respect, responsibility and fairness, just to name a few. 
Children learn how to build good character traits, as well as learn important early developmental and academic skills that will prepare them for the school years ahead.

Why choose us?

We strive to provide a structured daily routine filled with a combination of learning activities, including whole group and small group activities, geared towards achieving proper academic growth and stimulation in each child. Learning environments are structured around the concepts of promoting social, cognitive, language and physical skills and development.

We envision children learning the fundamentals of life that will help shape who they will become.